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Straubinger Flutes

These fine instrument makers use Straubinger™ Pads:


Miguel Arista

Avanti Flutes

Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, Inc.

Burkart-Phelan, Inc.

Alexander Eppler

Wm. S. Haynes

Eva Kingma Flutes

Ho-Fan Lee - producer of Solexa Flutes by ABA Music

Miyazawa Flutes, Ltd.

Verne Q. Powell Flutes, Inc.

Yamaha Flutes Japan and Yamaha Flutes America


Bulgheroni Piccolo

Lillian Burkart

Philipp Hammig

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A Dictionary for the Modern Flutist, Second Edition
By Susan J. Maclagan. Foreward by Trevor Wye.
A listing of more than 1,600 common flute-related terms that a player of the Boehm-system or Baroque flute may encounter. Fully illustrated, meticulously researched. Unique to the second edition are entries on beatbox techniques and muscles of the face and throat. Entries now also feature bibliographic cross-references for further research. Carefully labeled illustrations for many flute types, parts, mechanisms, and accessories help make definitions easier to visualize. Appendixes provide further information on such subjects as flute classifications, types of flutes and their parts, key and tone hole names, head joint options, orchestra and opera audition excerpts, and biographies of people mentioned in the definitions. Published by Rowman & Littlefield. The entries for David Straubinger and Straubinger Flutes:

"STRAUBINGER, DAVID (b. Macomb, Ohio, 1941). An American maker of Boehm flutes, flute designer, oboe player, and flute/piccolo/clarinet pad designer. See also straubinger pad."

"STRAUBINGER™ PAD. A type of modern key pad invented and patented by David Straubinger as an alternative to the traditional pad. It is designed specifically for high-quality flutes because of the demands on stability and adjustment of the key mechanism and because of the expense of the pads and fitting. It consists of a backing disc having an inner and outer rim with a recess between for accommodating the synthetic-fiber felt cushion. A sealing skin (fishskin) is stretched over the entire assembly and is folded around the backside of the backing disc, where it is then glued. The inner and outer rims give support to the skin, and the skin controls the flatness and height of the cushion. Figure 44 shows a cross-section of the Straubinger Pad.
figure 44

"Like the traditional pad, the Straubinger Pad is adjusted and brought to its correct height with shims. Unlike the traditional pad, however, the Straubinger Pad rests on a flat plastic stabilizing base, which is secured to the cup with special glue. This adds stability to the pad.

"The Straubinger Pad was introduced to the flute world in 1985 and is highly acclaimed for its ability to stay in adjustment once correctly fitted into the key cup. According to Straubinger, the improved seal of the pad allows the flute to respond much more quickly, permits improved finger technique since only the lightest touch is needed to close a key, and gives more flexibility in dynamics and tone color.

"To achieve maximum results from the Straubinger Pad, a flute must be in excellent mechanical adjustment. Similar Straubinger Pad have been designed specifically for the piccolo and the clarinet."

José Luis Estellés
Soloist and Professor of Clarinet, Musikene (San Sebastián, Spain) and Rotterdams Conservatorium (Holland), Principal Clarinet City of Granada Orchestra (Spain)

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