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When Compromise is Not An Option

David Straubinger to Receive National Flute Association 2024 Lifetime Achievement Award

NFAThe National Flute Association Lifetime Achievement Award honors the best and brightest of the field by recognizing their lasting contributions to the flute community. David and Trudy Kane, the other 2024 recipient, will be profiled in an upcoming issue of The Flutist Quarterly, and awards will be presented at the 2024 NFA Convention in San Antonio, TX

Congratulations to Eva Kingma

Eva Kingma

Eva Kingma was recently awarded knight of the Order of the Lion of the Netherlands. This is an honor bestowed on civilians in recognition of exceptional contribution to the state and public life in the fields of arts, science, sport, and literature.

"Flammerole" Composed by Sophie Dufeutrelle Wins at NFA 2023

"Flammerole" for piccolo and piano is winner of the piccolo category in the Newly Published Music Competition of the NFA 2023. From 2016 the piece was performed by a wide range of piccolists from international orchestras: Jean-Louis Beaumadier (France), Pamela Stahel (Zurich opernhaus-Swiss), Gudrun Hinze (Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra-Germany), Peter Verhoyen (Royal Flemish Philharmonic Orchestra-Belgium). Iris Daverio (solo flute of Paris Opera-France).

"The delicacy of the piccolo's sound and its high register reminded me of the Irish tin-wistle, in a less sour, more timbred version. This was a strong inspiration for me. Flammerole has its source in a totally imaginary misty moorland landscape. Flammerole is built on a great crescendo in terms of both sound and tempo. The piece describe the apparition of will-o'-the-wisp in a misty moor and their frantic dance in the shadow of the moon ! The ensemble fades out a tempo, like blowing out a candle!"

"Flammerole, dance of the will-o'-the-wisp in the shadow of the moon" is published by ALRY Publications. Sophie is very proud of the Straubinger support and the friendship of David and Dale.

A Special Tribute to Sue Nelson, January 17, 2023

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Sue Nelson. Sue passed away at home on January 14. For 18 years, Sue had been a friend and a loyal coworker through every kind of difficulty one can imagine. She oversaw the production and shipping of flute pads to an international clientele of manufacturers and repairmen. Sue was known for her pleasant demeanor with our customers and made friends across the world with clients and musicians. When an arsonist burned down our shop, we worked from the basement of an old house during the coldest winter in Indiana's history. Undaunted, Sue continued to ship her pads, from anything but a comfortable situation. As with everyone, we did it together, rolling up our sleeves, determined not to be overwhelmed. The smallest little accomplishment meant we were one more step closer to each other and toward getting back to normal. It was genuinely tough but we made it. Through this and many other challenges, we have succeeded as a team. Sue never once complained and kept her can-do smile that is her trademark. She will be sorely missed by all of us as well as many of you who have written to express your appreciation.

Ellen Ramsey Memorial Recital, November 11, 2021 at 5:00 pm MST

In February 2021, the flute community lost our beloved friend, flute expert, and Straubinger certified technician Ellen Ramsey. To honor the incredible legacy that Ellen leaves behind, the Colorado flute community will be gathering for a Memorial Recital to remember Ellen together, share music and memories, and launch the Ellen Ramsey Memorial Scholarship Fund.

There will also be a Zoom link for virtual attendance.

More information is available at the Colorado Flute Association web site.

7th Summer Music Performance Program at Anatolia College, Thessaloniki, Greece, June 24 - July 4, 2021

For many years Straubinger Flutes has supported the Summer Music Performance Program at Anatolia College by giving full scholarships to flutists. Learn more here.

A Tribute to Straubinger Flute Pads

From Sergio Jerez Gomez in Malaga, Spain.

A Tribute to Straubinger Clarinet Pads

From Sergio Jerez Gomez in Malaga, Spain.

Jasmine Choi Featured Performer at Texas Summer Flute Symposium, June 9-14, 2019

Jasmine Choi at Texas Summer Flute Symposium

Texas A&M University-Commerce hosts the ninth-annual Texas Summer Flute Symposium June 9-14, 2019. The symposium has been held at A&M-Commerce for almost a decade and has brought clinicians and performers from far and wide to Commerce for the event. The six-day event will feature masterclasses to teach new styles and techniques.

The week also features performances by guest artists, with the featured performer this year being Jasmine Choi. Choi was selected as one of the 10 best flutists in the history of music by Sinfini Magazine UK in 2015, and performs more than 100 concerts per year. She was also the 2018 Artist-in-Residence at the Sejong Arts Center, the oldest classical concert hall in South Korea. She has performed as a soloist worldwide with ensembles such as the Berlin Symphony, Philadelphia Orchestra, Salzburg Mozarteum and the Czech Philharmonic.

Other guest performers include Nicole Esposito, Kaori Fujii, Conor Nelson and Dr. Julee Kim Walker, Professor of Flute at A&M-Commerce.

Tickets to the Choi opening night concert on June 9 for the general public are $20, and can be purchased at https://bit.ly/2H5RBIe. For more information about the flute symposium go to tamuc.edu/music/tsfs. Click to read Korean press release.

David Straubinger to Receive 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award at Chicago Flute Club Flute Festival

From Pipeline the newsletter of Chicago Flute Club.

"The Festival weekend commences on Friday, November 13, with the customary celebratory evening - beginning with a cocktail hour and dinner that will culminate in the presentation of lifetime achievement awards. This year we will honor two distinguished leaders in the world of the flute....David Straubinger, esteemed flutemaker and creator of Straubinger™ Pads, the mainstay of many of our instruments today."

We thank the Chicago Flute Club for recognizing David's leadership role in the flute industry.

See announcement here. Learn more about Flute Festival 2015.

Jasmine Choi Featured at Spring Festival, April 6-7, 2018

Jasmine Choi will be a featured artist at the South Carolina Flute Society's Spring Festival, April 6-7, 2018, held at Coastal Carolina University, Conway, South Carolina.
South Carolina Flute Society

Jasmine Choi Named one of 10 Best Flutists of All Time

Sinfinimusic of the UK has selected Jasmine Choi as one of the ten greatest flutists ever. She joins a list which includes Sir James Galway, Emanuel Pahud, Julius Baker, Jean Baxstresser and others.


Greater Indianapolis Flute Club Presents Flute Fest 2015 featuring Jasmine Choi: March 7, 2015

Jasmine Choi will conduct a masterclass and perform in recital.

Schrott Center for the Arts
Butler University, Indianapolis, IN.
Early Registration: $25 for GIFC Members; $35 for non-members.
Registration after March 1, 2015: $35 for GIFC Members; $45 for non-members.
Download flyer here.

Straubinger Flutes proudly participated and provided support to the first La Côte Flute Festival in Switzerland, October 2 through 5, 2014.

Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, at the Grand-Champ Theatre complex in Gland (between Geneva and Lausanne), the festival featured 180 artists, 42 concerts, masterclasses, workshops and an Exhibit Hall.

Mathias Ziegler performed the world premiere of 'Aurora/Sunrise Concerto' by Sophie Dufeutrelle. The Concerto is for the Contrabass/quartertone flute and orchestra. Philippe Bernold directed the Geneva Chamber Orchestra. David Straubinger, who created and made the special pads for the Eva Kingma flutes, also attended the Premiere.

Sophie Dufeutrelle, who plays a Straubinger Flute, performed and directed her flute Sextet, 'PentaGônes' at the Festival. Excerpts from the Festival Grand Finale Concert are now posted on YouTube: youtu.be/Z2uQVlQIzhI. Numerous samples of Sophie Dufeutrelle's work may be heard on YouTube: youtu.be/VzhbGcXS378.

Jasmine Choi: Claude Bolling Suite for Flute and Jazz Trio on YouTube.

"Choi's rendition of the Fantasy for flute solo in D Major by Friedrich Kuhlau, a performance notable for both its virtuosity and lyricism, did not disappoint. One of the most striking aspects of Choi's recital was her openness and honesty -- connecting with her audience on a personal level." - Review of March 16, 2014 recital in "Pipeline" the Chicago Flute Club Newsletter.

FLUTES - PADS AND PRECISION by David Straubinger

David StraubingerWhat are Straubinger pads? How are they different from traditional felt pads? How are they similar? Why do Straubinger pads require special training and certification for technicians?

Learn the answers to these questions and much more as woodwind pioneer, David Straubinger, explores the basic challenges encountered in flute repair and presents an overview of the pads and repair techniques he has developed to address these challenges. It promises to be a fascinating discussion of how the Straubinger pad came to be and why precision is the key and an absolute requirement to successful installation. The results achieved with Straubinger pads are phenomenal and the possibilities for the player are limitless, but if the flute is not properly prepared, it will never produce optimum results.

So, as a repair technician, WHY is this important to you? Regardless of the level of flutes you work on, the standard expected by flute clients has been raised by the influence of the Straubinger pad. As a result, any 21st century woodwind technician should have, at the very least, a general but accurate understanding of what these pads are all about. Moving past the basics lifts the repair technician into a whole new realm of discovery, where he or she is able to interpret the player's desire for color and tonal richness and make it happen with their flute. Come and join David for an opportunity to see what can happen and how it happens for those who want to go the extra mile.

In Passing

July 27, 2015 - We extend our deepest sympathy to David Straubinger whose Mother passed away peacefully this morning at 97. In the past weeks, she has been surrounded by her children and many of the family and friends who came to share their love and caring. Both of David?s parents came from a musical background. He credits his Mom for giving him her ticket to attend a concert that ultimately led to meeting the featured performer. Out of that chance opportunity evolved a long-time friendship and at the encouragement of Mr. Matheny, David won a position to study at Butler and then, a full scholarship to Julliard.

Workshops for
Straubinger™ Pad Certification
in Indianapolis, IN

2016     Applications are being received for the March 2016 Certification Workshops on March 9-13. These include core training for flute pad certification and an optional certification for clarinet pad installation. You can also read more about certification training for Straubinger Flute Pad Installation here. Contact us for more information.

Watch a slideshow of our March 2010 Certification Training in Indianapolis, IN. Repair Firsts
We are proud to announce that Straubinger Flutes now has certified Pad Technicians, each a FIRST in his or her respective countries, to represent Straubinger Flutes both in repair and sales. NICKOLAS PLOTNIKOV is in Moscow, Russia, EDUARDO CAICEDO is in Bogotá, Colombia, HANS EHRLICH in Chile, SEAN TAN is in Singapore, SIRIPORN JINANARONG is in Thailand, ZVONIMIR CHYTIL is in Croatia, PETER GROOT is in the Czech Republic, JUHA JOHANSSON is in Finland, PETROS MIHALITSIANOS is in Greece, KAROLY CSIDER is in Hungary, ELAD ZELDES is in Israel, and SERGIO JEREZ GOMEZ is in Spain. Read More

Straubinger Flutes On the Go     While in Lyon, David was the special guest of Sophie Dufeutrelle and lectured at Ecole Nationale de Villeurbanne about flute making and pads. He also visited J.S. Musique where he worked on flutes and met with customers and technicians.

    David traveled to Geneva, Switzerland, where he met with flutists and customers at Vents du Midi/Flautissimo SARL, hosted by owners Alice Gunther and Otto Hnatek, also Certified Technicians and brokers for Straubinger Flutes. Vents du Midi

    Straubinger Flutes will sponsor     Katilyn (Katy) Wherry, who plays a Straubinger Silver Flute, at the Sir James Galway 2015 Master Class in Weggis, Switzerland.

Japan    David was a featured speaker at the 2012 Yamaha Convention where he addressed the unique positives of his Straubinger Pads and the critical importance of precision in the installation process. Yamaha Corporation is now installing Straubinger Pads in their higher-end flutes and Straubinger Flutes welcomes them to the family of other manufacturers who already install his Pads in their instruments at the factory. While in Japan, he met with representatives of Powell Flutes Japan and also was hosted by Miyazawa Corporation.


William Bennett

    On November 6, 2009 William Bennett visited David's newly reconstructed production facility following two days of masterclasses and performances at the University of Indiana. (see more pictures)

    Two June workshops for Straubinger Flute Pad Certification were conducted at Straubinger Flutes. These fast-track courses were especially designed to meet the needs of several technicians who requested more advanced skills training.

New York
Sir James Galway
    Sir James Galway playing David's gold flute while Carol Dennis listens. Carol Dennis, for whom David made the flute, shares a history with Sir James that goes back many years to when she traveled with her husband Dick Dennis, (concert-master for Henry Mancini) and Sir James.

    NFA 2014 presented a wonderful opportunity to renew old friendships and to introduce the latest Straubinger Flutes and Head Joint models.

Thomas Robertello
Thomas Robertello Channel Check out our new feature: The Thomas Robertello Channel, featuring Thomas Robertello in performance.

Thomas Robertello Calendar
Lessons in the Los Angeles, California Area
March 13, 2015. If you are interested in lessons, contact the Los Angeles Flute Guild at lafluteguild@gmail.com.
Los Angeles Flute Guild Flute Festival
March 15, 2015. Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University, Long Beach, California. Masterclass and Gala Concert. lafluteguild.com
San Diego Flute Guild Lessons and Masterclass
March 21-22, 2015. Lessons at a private home in Poway, California. Masterclass at the Rancho Bernardo Public Library in San Diego, California. Contact Cheryl Bretsnyder at (858) 442-8846 or Cheryl5332@gmail.com. More information available at the San Diego Flute Guild website.
Summer Music Performance Program at Anatolia College
July 2-12, 2015. Thessaloniki, Greece. Thomas Robertello and Nevart-Veron Galileas are the faculty flutists for this program of master classes, lectures, discussion panels, concerts, concerto competition, and opera production. Learn more at musicanatoliacollege.com.

Thomas Robertello CD Straubinger Flutes announces the release of The Complete Fantasies of Georg Philipp Telemann performed by Thomas Robertello on his Straubinger Flute.

"... It's beautiful in every way, and an utter delight! Great playing; great sound!" - Carol Rosenberger, Delos International

News from Straubinger Flutists
Jasmine Choi     Jasmine Choi, who PLAYS A STRAUBINGER GOLD FLUTE, was named the principal flutist with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra in June 2012. Jasmine was the first Korean to be named principal flute of the 112-year-old Wiener Symphoniker, or the Vienna Symphony. She was the only player to be selected from a pool of 245 candidates from all over the world. Jasmine was also the first Korean woodwind player to hold a post with a major orchestra in the United States, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. She has been critically acclaimed on international stages for her rich tone, technical brilliance, superb musicianship, and charismatic stage presence.

Now actively pursuing a full schedule of performances, we are proud to announce her latest CD which features the W.A. Mozart 5 Quartets with Flute. The recording features Jasmine Choi playing with members of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.

Winter Jasmine (2011) was commissioned by American flute maker David Straubinger for the remarkable young flutist Jasmine Choi. Like the intensely - perfumed flowering plant which blooms only during the dark of winter, there is sweetness here in the sadness which this music evokes.
--Gary Schocker

Jasmine Choi Recital in New York
Straubinger Flutes and the New York Flute Club co-sponsored Jasmine Choi in recital on Sunday, February 10, 2013 at the Engelman Recital Hall, Baruch Performing Arts Center, NY, NY. More information is available on the NY Flute Club web site.

Jasmine Choi Calendar
February 18, 2023,Mozart Concerto in G Major, Dubai, UAE
February 21, 2023, Recording Sessions, Teatro Marrucino, Chieti, Italy
March 10, 2023, Khachaturian Concerto, Macao, China
March 19, 2023, Chamber Music, IBK Hall at Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
April 10, 12, 2023, Cello Plus Festival, Lansing, MI, USA
April 16, 2023, Recita and Master Class, University Park, PA, USA
April 26, 29, 30, May 1-9, 2023, Seoul Spring Festival, Seoul, Korea
April 28, 2023, Khachaturian Concerto, Daejeon, Korea

Sophie Dufeutrelle In August 2012, French flutist, composer, and choir director Sophie Dufeutrelle performed at the National Flute Association Annual Convention in Las Vegas. Read her biography here

Read Sophie's article in Traversičre Magazine about Straubinger Pads.

Straubinger Flutes In The News

    David Straubinger at the NAPBIRT National Conference
    By invitation David spoke on April 16-17, 2012 at the National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians (NAPBIRT) 36th Annual Conference in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. He spoke about "Flutes: Pads and Precision." What are Straubinger pads? How are they different from traditional felt pads? How are they similar? Why do Straubinger pads require special training and certification for technicians? Read More

    The Straubinger Phoenix™ Flute Pad was introduced at the NAMM Convention, January 15-18, 2009.     A variant of David's newest patent has been named the Straubinger Phoenix™ Flute Pad to commemorate our return from the horrific fire of 2008.

YAMAHA Flutes are now installed at the factory with the Straubinger Phoenix Pad in all 600 and 700 models. The 800 and 900 models have the CLASSIC (original) Straubinger Pad.
    Now In Print! David Straubinger and Straubinger Flutes are featured in A Dictionary for the Modern Flutist by Susan J. Maclagan with foreword by Trevor Wye. You can read the entry here.


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